Welcome to the Hogwarts' Library

Come in quietly now!

Would you like to ask the librarian a question?


Well, her desk is right in front of you.

1.  "How do I check out books?"

**Click on the Book Title (a hyperlink) to read the book.

2a.  Can I check out a book from the restricted section?

**Well, that's normally NOT allowed, seeing you must only be a first year.

2b. But what if I need that book for a class?

**The password will be given to you in that class.  E-mail the librarian with the password, and she will send you the book!

3. "Can I write and publish a book?"

**You're a student, aren't you?!!   (Actually, yes, you can, but e-mail the librarian directly and call yourself an author!)

4.  "Can I copy books?"


Books Listed Below ...

Properties of Plants Used for Potions by Willis Petel


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