Properties of Plants Used for Potions

by Willis Petel

    Chapter 19, pg. 56:

    GRAWNS -- guh-raw-on (also known as Glacia Gorto; also called Gorts)


     First discovered by Henrica Haltervat, grawns are rare plants from the Mid-east.  They are rarely spotted by stinking Muggles (as they are magical plants).  Grawns can adapt to a number of different climates, including deserts and marshes.  Usually, a grawn will develop a massive root system over the course of a few hundred years.  Grawns rarely flower.


    The flowers of a grawn are extremely useful for thousands of potions.  Since, however, they are such rare commodities, they are never used in everyday wizarding life.  More often encountered, is the grawn "egg sack."  Grawns reproduce by pollinating small pouches at the tips of their leaves.  Eventually, the pouches will fall off and become a new plant.  The pouches are bright green and spiked. These have the unusual property of acting as sensors.  A grawn-pouch can sense danger, fear, excitement and happiness as well as many other emotions.  Naturally, this serves many useful purposes.  Note: because the flowers are virtually nonexistent (only a few photos of them remain), grawn has become a synonym for grawn-pouch.  This is unfortunate and incorrect.

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