Rowena Ravenclaw

   Rowena Ravenclaw was a pureblood wizard born January 22nd over a thousand years ago.Rowena shared a tight relationship with her wise grandfather, Loberus Ravenclaw. Loberus always wore a small pendant around his neck, which he said held all the lessons he had ever learned because he had worn it through them all. The pendant was of rich turquoise stone in which an ivory eagle`s head was embedded.

    When Loberus Ravenclaw died, he left the eagle pendant to Rowena, who wore it always from then on. Rowena strived to be wise and clever like her grandfather, and became one of the greatest witches of the age. At age twenty six, Rowena lived in a remote village near present-day Liverpool where she met Phiona. Phiona was a Muggle-born witch persecuted by the villagers, suspicious of the strange things Phiona seemed to make happen.

    Rowena felt sorry for the nine-year old witch, and befriended her.When Phiona`s house was burned by the villagers, Rowena apparated with her to the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest, hidden from Muggle eye. It was in nearby Hogsmeade that Rowena met Godric Gryffindor, it was there that she was invited to help with the making of a wizards`school, Hogwarts.

    And it was so. Rowena Ravenclaw joined Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin in the making of Hogwarts. Phiona became one of the first Hogwarts students and took the name Ravenclaw on for her own. Phiona inherited the eagle pendant when Rowena passed on, and it is owned today by Loberus Ravenclaw XI. Loberus XI gave the pendant to the Ravenclaw house, where it is embedded (protected by glass) in a portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw above the mantel.

    Wisdom continues to be Ravenclaw trait and eagle is the mascot, no doubt inspired by the famous turquoise and ivory pendant. For more about Loberus, Rowena, and Phiona Ravenclaw, read the book `Wisdom One By One` by Doctor Athenta Plural.

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