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    Hello, ETH students!  From now on, the classes and Diagon Alley will be in 2D Hogwarts.  Note: Some of you have expressed concerns that this site is not being updated fast enough (or at least, not your liking.)   Well ... if you hate this site, why are you reading this?  LOL.  Give us a chance or send us an e-mail and we will take your name off the mailing list.  Common courtesy ... !  Of course, we welcome all constructive critisim and love suggestions.  Check out the new section: About Us.  May 18th, 2001 ~ Ben & Prof. Snape




Parle vous français?  Join this marvelous French school -- but only if you aren't already a Hogwarts student!


About Us

It's a FAQ by now: who are we?  Find out.

Ancient Runes

Try your skill at deciphering a few of these old and mysterious rhymes!

2D Hogwarts

Classes, Diagon Alley, Quidditch and more in a two-dimensional chat room!

Sorting Hat

Go here to get Sorted!  Will you be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin?  (No double entries, or you'll be expelled.)

The Common Rooms ~Under construction.

The Library

Expand your knowledge of the wizarding world!

House Points

Who gets the gold cup at the end of the year?  The race is on!  (Points are not updated during the summer.)

House Records

Updated finally!  At present, there are 223 sutdents attending Hogwarts!  (You need a password to enter.)

The Great Hall

You don't have to send e-owls, just post here!


Now with the Summer School Course Catalog!  Sign up while there's room!

Quidditch ~Under construction!

The Monthly Prophet

Updated the 15th!

The Prefect Ball ~Soon to be rescheduled!

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