AND Tech Help for Teachers

    Okay, here's how this whole thing works. 

    TEACHERS: we build a page for you; we send you the password & member name for this page which will be on Yahoo!'s Geocities.  You can post your lesson on this page, add links and pictures/photos to this page, do anything you want with this page ... and we will link to you ... and you will update your class every week.  Paid: 8-10 Galleons a week.

  SHOPKEEPERS/CLERKS: first, e-mail us about which shop you'd like to work at.  We build a page for you; we send you the password & member name for this page which will be on Yahoo!'s Geocities.   Just like a teacher, huh?  You can have special sales on this page, sell unsual items, whatever ... we will link the Main Shop Page to you ... But you'll have one special duty!  To find out what it is, read this whole page and then CONTINUE at the bottom!  Paid: 5 Galleons a week, plus 10% of sales.

GRINGOTTS BANKERS: You'll need to be able to access and edit the Offical Record.  You'll receive 3-6 E-mails a week with a cateloged orders.  (The shopkeepers or clerks will arrange them neatly/catelog them for you!)  Your job is to transfer the info you get to the Offical Record. Paid: 11 Galleons a week. 

1. No matter what you decide to be, you will need to login to


4. After you login, you will get this screen:

5. Go to Yahoo! Page Builder

6. Then, you will get this screen.

7. Click on Launch PageBuilder to get this.

8. After few moments, you will see this.

9. Then, you will see a page like this.

10. Go to File Menu on the left.

11. Click and hold File Menu.

12. Select Open Page ...

13. You will see this ...  Choose index, or a different name if we told you so in the e-mail.  GRINGOTTS BANKERS: choose OfficalRecord (should be just below index).

14. Click OK.

15. You will get to this page we've built for you!  Yay!!!   Now, you can start building ...


TEACHERS, e-mail resume to [Prof. Kunsberg]

GRINGOTTS BANKERS, you should be rolling!  But if you have questions, e-mail [Prof. Snape]

E-mail Prof Kunsberg: