The Dark Forces: A Guide To Self-Protection

By Quentin Trimble


    Dark Forces are not only creatures like Dementers, or curses like Avada Kedevera. Dark Forces are creatures like Red Capps, and curses like the Leg Locker curse. A Dark force is defined as something that lives or is made to create destruction. You may think that these minor things are not important, but they are. When all the Dark Forces get together, that is like having one-hundred wizards putting the Leg Locker curse on you at the same time. This book goes over the simplest curses that young wizards can control and throw off.


Agitateus Curse

    This curse is the most commonly used Dark Curse. The Agitateus Curse was invented by Gamlets (evil early wizards) to make people angry with one another. If you're hit by this curse then you will get angry with the first person that talks to you. The way to repel this curse is simple, yet requires a little force of mind. If you've been hit by this curse, then say loudly to everyone near you to stay away, then, think of all the nice things about all the people around you. If you give it enough force of mind, the curse will disintegrate. This curse is mostly used today by teenage wizards looking for a good fight, but sometimes, it can be used for more serious reasons, like running from the Ministry or the Muggle Policemen.

Tacites Weres

    This curse is believed to be made in medieval times, when wizards were greatly prosecuted. This curse makes anyone it is hit with unable to speak, or make any sound at all. One can imagine that this worked well for wizards in medieval times, because they could get away from Muggles and not be caught. This is a slow-acting curse, so if you suspect you've been hit by it then you have exactly five minutes to say the counter-curse (developed by the Ministry in about 1790), which is Thunderate-repelate.

The Cappella Curse

    This curse got its name by the Irish witch Cappella, who was at the height of her powers in 1465. This curse turns anything it hits into its exact opposite. So, water would be flame, man, monster, monster, man, and so on. The only way to stop this curse is to find a replica of what the thing was before it was hit, and coax the thing to turn into what it was before.  This can take hours, minutes, even days, depending on the object.

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