An Introduction to Divination

Prof. Erica Potter

    A lot of people think that Divination is a very imprecise branch of Magic, but it is my job to prove you all wrong.   Divination can be a VERY precise branch of magic, but only to the true Seers.   ( I regret to tell you that famous as she was, Prof. Trelawny wasn't one.)
    People can have very precise "sights" into the future, even if they're NOT a true Seer, but this is very rare.  That is why Prof. Trelawny was so famous.
    Every third year who chooses Divination will learn Palmistry in their first term.  We will then progress to Tea Leaves or Chicken Gizzards.  This depends on the pupils' inner wish.  In the third term, we will study crystal ball gazing.
    In the fourth year, students will learn how to find the exact position of the planets at the time they were born.  They will learn astrology and about false horoscopes.  They will then study the Runes for a short while, but this will be to tell the future with, not to translate acient Norsic writings.
    I hope that you all enjoy studing Divination.