~ Horoscopes ~

How to Tell When the "Astrologers" are Lying!

    Horoscopes are very complex ideas.  They take time and effort to do, and I know that most of us in today's modern busy world haven't got that time, so here is the Guide to tell whether an "astrologer" is faking it.

1.  If you read all of the star signs, and they have a lot of similarities.
2.  If you read it, and nothing that is written actually happens.
3. If you read it and think "nothing it says tells me anything that I need to know".
4. If it says, for example, "Your lucky day is Feb 18.  This day is good for kisses/homework/fun".  (Generally this implies that the "astrologer" has no idea what he or she is talking about.)

I hope you all understood this book.

Prof. Erica Potter