Quest of the Sate

   One morning, you click onto   You like browsing the site, but you wish there was a Portkey to the real Hogwarts.  :)  ... You wish ... you ... you are lined up for breakfast in the Great Hall.  It looks kind of familiar.   Another house member shoves you against the wall. 

    "Nice seeing you staring at the roof," he snarles. 

    "Hey," you yell back, and as your back scrapes against the wall, you feel something crackle ... a musty smell, you step out of line ...  What?   You turn around, disloging an old scribbled parchment that reads:

Quest of the Sate

To find the gate

First choose a room

With an old broom

Click on the bait

Two words you'll need

Two words you'll find

If this rhyme you read

The first ends as so

The second with s

The first of each is w-t

Not in that order though

    You are still feeling sore, but no one seems to notice you as you carefully slip the paper into your pocket.  You sit down for breakfast, wondering what a Sate is anyway.   Maybe you should look it up in the library.  You do; but it doesn't help you any with the riddle or rhyme.  You decide to ignore the first half and work on the second, "Two words you need/Two words you find/If this rhyme you read."   That seems pretty obvious, you think, some sort of double password.   The next part is a lot worse: "The first ends as so/The second with s/The first of each is w-t/Not in that order though."  Then you noticed strange scrawls on the back of the paper: ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

    Suddenly, it clicks.  You hurry to fill in the blanks.  The first word ends with an 'o' and the second word ends with an 's.'  W - T are the first two letters of the two words, but now you're stumped.  Wait!  Not in that order though.   So, 't' must be the first letter of the first word! 

    You grab a quill and scribble furiously.  Now, you've run out of clues.  You start chanting the beginning part of the rhyme.  "Two words ... two words ...  two words?"  You've got it.

    You decide to put the riddle aside for a rainy day.  There's a Quidditch practice tonight ... Actually, the real reason is your Mom calls, "Get off the computer and help me with the dishes!"  You are about to exit the Home Page of Embark to Hogwarts when  ... You decide to check just in case and see there are any "gates" or "rooms" or "old brooms" or ... nope, nothing.  Nothing at all.   You sigh ~ what was that?  A Room?  You click on the link ...

Embark to Hogwarts Students: Go HOME or to the LIBRARY.   You must solve the rest of the riddle yourself.  Hopefully, you've been following along, because if you get to the Sate you will get 4 Galleons! If you are the first there, you will win 8 Galleons!

~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~