Potion's Class

    Well, another week ... another class.  With preparations for the Prefect Ball, I have barely had time to stir my own cauldrons! 

    This week, we will be studing the Adnocana Potion (pronounced ADD-UH-NO-CAN-AH).  This snakeskin potion is not to be trifled with.  I see we have some new students.  Keeler5, pay attention! 

   Today is what I believe Muggles call "lab."  You will actually be making an Adnocana Potion, well, somewhat.   Breann, pass these parchments out ...


The Adnocana Potion

This is a picture of a live Anaconda!

    This potion is very useful.  It will cure all indigestion as well as several types of coughs.  While the Adnocana Potion is relatively harmless when prepared as directed, the addition of Dragonskin will cause this Potion to become lethal. 

    In order to prepare this potion, only a few ingredients are needed: 1/1000 of an ounce of snakeskin, 5 oz. of ground oak roots, 1 dried batwing, 3 live slugs and 1 Liter of pure water.  It is very important that the slugs be alive.

    The procedure is as follows:

   1) Add the water, batwing and roots and bring the cauldron to a full boil. 

    2) Add the slugs. 

    3) Turn down the heat until the cauldron is barely simmering.

    4) Preform the incantation, "Xaja Renaelc."

    5) Add the snakeskin to your cauldron carefully.   Your teacher will curse it beforehand so it should be practically harmless.   As with other animal products and ground oak roots, the addition of any amount of snakeskin will cause the potion to turn the animal's color.

    6) Keep the cauldron barely simmering . . . do not bring the Potion to a boil!  After twenty minutes, the Potion will be ready.  An indicator that the Potion is done is a slight odor  and a muddy, through uniform, color. 

    Very good.  Now that everyone has one, I will continue.  I will start your cauldron's fires for you.  At the moment, this spell is too complicated, but we will learn it soon.  To regulate your fires, you will be manually stroking them -- that means without magic!  Lithia Graldrae!

    Well, what are you waiting for?   Begin!  Don't bother about the 'your teacher will curse the snakeskin beforehand' part!  If you follow directions, nothing can go wrong! ... perhaps ... never mind!  Oh, yes, color is an important indicator of purity in this Potion.   I am sure you all have figured out why by now.  When you are finished, I want you to fill in the following parchment and e-owl it to me immediately at prof_s_snape@hotmail.comProfessor Snape

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The Anocanda Potion: Student Results

1) One use of the Adnocana Potion is _______________________.

2) The addition of ____________ with cause an Adnocana Potion to become extremely deadly.

3)  I used _________ snakeskin in  my potion.

4) At first, when I added the batwing, the color of my potion was ___________.

5) When I added the slugs, my potion turned a ___________ color.

6) When I added the snakeskin, my potion turned a __________ color.

7) The time my Potion simmered was ______ minutes.

8) After this time, my Potion was a ___________ color. 

9) My name is ____________.

10) My house is ______________.