How to Download the Palace Client software:


I do not have any registration codes at this moment, but I will get

some as soon as possible

Windows 3.5 Palace Client Download

Macintosh 3.5 Palace Client Download

  Click on the Palace client that works for your computer..  You will start to download the software.. Unzip the software to a new folder.  After install it, click on it, and you will get launched to a new screen that will say Palace on it. Click on the P button at the upper-left corner, and put in your name and put in this as the address:  For the second box stick in 9988.  

    In order to use the props, you will need a registration code. E-mail me for a registration code. To use the registration code, click on File, and then click on Enter Registration Code.  Put the registration code in where it says Registration code and put your name in where it says Name.  Then, click Ok.

That should do it.. E-mail me for questions at