Hello, I see you do not have a Gringotts account ...

    Well, you should get one.  I assume that is why you are here anyway.  No one likes a dungeon ... hah!

    You have to fill in the paperwork first or should I say parchmentwork?

    Beware!   This is not parchment or paper!  It is permanent papyrus imported from Egypt!  

    This form is for students and Professors alike!  Nobody gets special treatment at Gringotts!   Unless you tamper with the accounts.  Then, you get very special treatment! 

(1) Your name:

(2) Your e-owl address and your house:

    Hogwarts credits 40 Galleons to students and 60 Galleons to teachers when they sign-up you see.  So, if you are a professor, you'd better mention it ... and if you are not, don't try to fake it.  You wouldn't want to find out why you never, ever tamper with Gringotts the hard way, would you now?  Oh, teachers have their own separate account, you see ... TEA ... Teachers Expense Account ... Well, are you going to push Submit or not?

  Remember, you can't buy anything yet ~ you'll need to wait until your account is set up or you will be fined!  Penalties will ensue!  Now you may return to higher ground ... Muggle!

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